Graphics Processors

Siru Innovations Oy is a leading Finnish graphics IP vendor, established at the beginning of 2011. Siru Innovations develops its own low-power graphics IP and also provides professional services in the graphics industry. At Siru Innovations we have an average of more than 15 years' experience in graphics IP development.

We enable the next generation of user experience driven mobile devices through:

  • A low-power mindset and expertise coming from a smartphone chipset background
  • A team with a strong background in IP development and experience in working with multiple large semiconductor (SOC & ASIC) companies
  • A large existing network of partners and subcontractors in SOC design and software development

High Level Synthesis is one of the key technologies used in our company. We have extended our work methodology to the next abstraction level allowing us to dedicate our efforts to the architecture level instead of easily time-consuming technical implementation details. This gives us the advantage of a reduced go-to-market time.